Armour of God - Motovun Part I

Motovun is a picturesque village in central Istria, Croatia. Armour of God makes good use of it three different times, so I decided to split this article into three different parts. In the first one Jackie and Alan try to trick the monks with a fake armour. That leads us to a trigger-happy Lola Forner snipering from the church tower.

Armour of God - Motovun Part II

Motovun's second appearance displays Andrea Antico Square in the late evening. We see Jackie, Alan and Lola talking with the garcon. They get new informations about the mysterious monks and  their whereabouts.

Armour of God - Motovun Part III

Here comes the third (and last) opportunity to marvel at Motovun's flair. Jackie and Alan are ready to infiltrate the evil brotherhood diguised as monks.

Armour of God - Dolac Market, Zagreb

Dolac is the most visited and the best known farmer's market in Zagreb. In 1986, the market became a venue for a good ol'car chase. Jackie Chan and legendary car stunt coordinator Rémy Julienne send some motorbikes flying into the air and a jeep overturning down some stairs.