Captain America: Civil War - Leipzig/Halle Airport

Finally, some Hollywood in my hometown...Leipzig's airport becoming a battleground for The Avengers. Some of the outdoor filming locations were rearranged and/or underwent heavy CGI alterations including additionally generated buildings, planes and so on.

Pedicab Driver - Rua do Tassara

A brief sequence featuring Mang Hoi with his pedicab in front of a beautiful colonial building...and some impressive tree growth since 1989.

The 18 Bronzemen - Behind the Scenes

Director Joseph Kuo taking personal responsibility for this bronzeman's gleaming tint.

Yes, Madam - Poster

Japanese poster for Corey Yuen's 2nd directorial effort "Yes, Madam" re-titled "In the Line of Duty 2".
It was the debut film for Cynthia Rothrock and the first starring role in a feature film for Michelle Yeoh.

Shanghai Knights - Prague, Palacký Bridge

The Palacký Bridge (1876) is one of the oldest bridges over the Vltava River in Prague. In Shanghai Knights it doubles for the Westminster Bridge next to the Houses of Parliament in London.

The Queen of England's loge was also built next to the Palacký Bridge. Unfortunately, the location is hard to identify because the intricate set design masks all its original characteristics.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a picture of the set construction which gives away its exact location.