Bloodsport - Lion's Pavilion

The Lion's Pavilion at The Peak is one of Hong Kong Island's most famous tourist attractions. In good visibility conditions, you can enjoy the iconic view over the harbour.
If you want to see more locations from Bloodsport, I can recommend my friend Phil's great blog:

Mercenaries from Hong Kong - Lung Cheung Road

The film's opening motorcycle chase offers a short glimpse of Lion Rock and Ngau Chi Wan's Choi Hung Estate.

Born Invincible - Behind the Scenes

Legendary Director Joseph Kuo optimizes Carter Wong's body posture on location in Taiwan.

Pedicab Driver - Largo do Carmo

One brief sequence of the car-vs-pedicab-chase was shot in front of the Our Lady of Carmel Church. The catholic facility and its square have been constantly used filming locations.

Wong Chuk Yeung

My pilgrimage to one of Martial Arts Cinema's most iconic filming locations was a very sobering one. The grassy hillside where Gordon Liu battles Lo Lieh at the end of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin was a bit like the holy grail to me. You can see this place in so many films. All the legendary heroes of my youth had been fighting there. My expectations were high...
I eagerly approached the hilltop, but instead of unspoiled nature I found this:

At first, I just hoped it was the wrong hill. I tried to pacify myself but after checking every trail and every hilltop in the area, I knew with sad certainty that this must be the right place. A fire lookout is a good thing, but at this moment it was nothing but a huge letdown. Unfortunately, the fenced facility covers the whole grassland and so my photographic scopes were very limited.

Here is a (definitely incomplete) list of films featuring this location.
Especially during the late 70s, this must have been an extremely busy area.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
The Blood Brothers (1973)
Clan of the White Lotus (1980)
Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog! (1978)
Drunken Master (1978)
Five Superfighters (1979)
Heroes Two (1974)
The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979)
Monkey Kung Fu (1979)
Mr. Vampire (1985)
Odd Couple (1979)
Shaolin Abbot (1979)
Shaolin Martial Arts (1974)
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)
Soul of the Sword (1978)
The Young Master (1980)

And here are a few comparison shots. As I wrote before, it was difficult to find the exact same angles.

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)

Odd Couple (1979)

The Young Master (1980)

Mr. Vampire (1985)

The Brave Archer Part II - Three Fathoms Cove

The second installment of The Brave Archer was shot entirely at the Shaw Brothers Studios, with the exception of one brief sequence. During the film's opening credits you can see two junk boats sailing the waters of Three Fathoms Cove. The distinctive island in front of them is called Sam Pui Chau.

Hocus Pocus - Behind the Scenes

Producer Sammo Hung, director Chin Yuet-Sang, Ka Lee, Billy Chan Wui-Ngai and lead actor Stephen Tung Wai on the set of Hocus Pocus (1984).
Chin Yuet-Sang's second directorial effort (after "Lion Vs Lion") features many well-known faces, including Lam Ching-Ying, Peter Chan Lung, Yuen Mo and Wu Ma.

Shanghai Knights - Terezín, Riding Hall

Terezín's spacious riding hall (Jízdárna Terezín) provides the perfect setting for the wharf sequence. The imperial romantic style hall was built in the 1860s and features an elaborate wooden ceiling structure.
The North Bohemian town of Terezín (also known as Theresienstadt) is located approximately one hour's drive from Prague.

The Victim - Behind the Scenes

Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Chung Fat and Leung Kar-Yan at Golden Harvest's old town set. Yuen Biao had no acting role in The Victim, but he was one of the film's action directors (together with Sammo Hung, Lam Ching-Ying and Billy Chan).

Pedicab Driver - Rua da Restauracao

The hunted Sammo Hung is up against the wall. You might recognize this location from Jackie Chan's Project A.