The Protector - Behind the Scenes

Unknown - Leipzig/Halle Airport

Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger have a chat at Leipzig/Halle Airport. After that, the intoxicated Liam gets dragged into a black van and Diane steals a cab in order to follow the kidnappers. In the movie, this is meant to happen in Berlin (they got all the details right, even the cab has license plates from Berlin), but in reality it was filmed at the airport of my hometown Leipzig. If you want to see more pictures from this location, check out my report about the airport battle from Captain America: Civil War.

Armour of God - Ćirilometodska ulica, Zagreb

Jackie's racing down Ćirilometodska ulica in his futuristic Mitsubishi (the car of my dreams). In the 2nd screenshot we see the villainous motorcyclists and jeep drivers coming out of Vitezovićeva ulica ("ulica" translates as "street"). The area is part of Zagreb's beautiful upper town called Gornji Grad.

Armour of God - Most čez Savo in Krko, Brežice

Armour of God features two spectacular scenes that take place on bridges. After talking about the huge bridge jump in Zagreb, it does make sense to check out the filming location of the car explosion that puts an end to the film's extensive chase sequence.
The scene was filmed next to a town called Brežice in eastern Slovenia, near the Croatian border. The name of the bridge is "Most čez Savo in Krko", meaning something like "bridge over the rivers Savo and Krko". When we arrived there, the two-parted bridge was closed because of some construction works. Nevertheless, I could sneak beyond the barriers for some snaps.


Armour of God - Prudi, Zagreb

Time to continue the Armour of God filming locations marathon. Today, it's all about the infamous bridge jump. The stunt was filmed in Croatia's beautiful capital Zagreb. We see Jackie and his hostile persecutors speeding down a street called Prudi and jumping over the elevated Avenija Veceslava Holjevca. The distinctive looking tower in the background of the first two screenshots belongs to the broadcasting centre of Croatian Radiotelevision HRT.
In the movie, the distance of the jumps looks massive. After seeing the location with my own eyes, I have even more respect and admiration for the stuntmen who flew over this broad dual-bridge.