Those Merry Souls - Signal Hill Garden

Signal Hill Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui looking like in 1985. Great location for a great opening fight scene with Hong Kong legends Yuen Biao and Lau Kar-Wing.

Dead End - Hong Kong City Hall

Ti Lung's workplace is at Hong Kong City Hall, located at Edinburgh Place, Central. Amongst lots of other cool stuff, the complex features a theatre, a concert hall, a public library and a marriage registry.

Mercenaries from Hong Kong - Shangri La Kowloon

Mercenaries from Hong Kong kicks off with a nice view on Shangri-La Kowloon Hotel and Mody Road. In the background of the second screenshot you can see the exterior of Wing On Plaza, filming location of Jackie Chan‘s Police Story final fight.

Tomorrow Never Dies - Steinstrasse, Hamburg

The Atlantic Hotel sign is a fake. The parking deck isn‘t part of the hotel. The building behind the sign is the central station.

Project S - HSBC Main Building

The distinctive headquarters building of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation at 1 Queen's Road Central.

Project S - Bank Street

For the next sequence, we get closer to the HSBC Main Building with Michelle Yeoh and Fan Siu-Wong keeping track of some suspicious activities on Bank Street. Unfortunately, there was way too much traffic ruining my photo angles.

Dragon from Russia - Kowloon Park / Nathan Road

The film starts with a nice fightscene at the eastern entrance to Kowloon Park on Nathan Road. Yuen Tak and his opponent battle on the stairs and on the statue of hands by Van Lau.

Casino Royale - Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary

Bond and Vesper walking through the beautiful Mill Colonnade. It contains several hot springs and is supported by 124 columns. The second screenshot is part of Casino Royale's deleted scenes.