Golden Harvest Studios

A small photo collection of the demolished Golden Harvest Studios.
Former address: 8 King Tung Street, Hammer Hill Road, Kowloon
Pictures of the legendary backlot are few and far between. 
For more in-depth information about the development of the area you can check this great report

the ancient town set

from above

old signs

Raymond Chow and his empire

old picture of Diamond Hill with the GH Studios encircled

Bruce Lee at Golden Harvest

Bruce with John Saxon and Raymond Chow

 Angela Mao and Ji Han Jae at GH during the making of "Hapkido" (1972)

More well-known faces from "Hapkido" including Carter Wong,
Whang In Shik and director Huang Feng.

Jim Kelly and Bob Wall

Yuen Biao

Jackie Chan with his manager Willie Chan and some of his veteran stunt performers


  1. Loving your website Andi. I nearly shed a tear when I saw the first picture and the state the front gate was in. If I would have seen it like that in person, the GH logo would have been coming home in my suitcase. I hope someone had the 'brains' to save it but it probably ended up in landfill. I prefer to remember it like in the second picture which I took outside the studio myself way back in 1994.

    1. Thanks.
      I would love to see more relics from this golden era of HK cinema. I spent a lot of time searching for pictures from GH's backlot, unfortunatly with scanty results...

    2. Ha, I was thinking exactly the same, it should be hanging on my home wall, what a sensational logo / decal

  2. You can find 3 small pictures of the GH studios from 1972 in the book '50 years of the Hong Kong film production and distribution industries: An exhibition' You can also find a little info on MP & GI (1957-1965) and Cathay film (1965-1970) who ran the studios before Raymond Chow got his hands on it. Hope this helps

  3. been wanting to see this for 40 years,,,, golden harvest studio 1972 1973

  4. Andi - I think the Chinese buildings street set was built in 1979, not 1972. The HKFA have published a great book (although in Chinese with English CD attached inside) with lots more pictures of the studios. Well worth getting if you haven't already.

    1. thanks for the info, phil! the book seems to be quite interesting...the hkfa is definitely on my hk list...

  5. I've met Jim Kelly and Bob Wall . Kelly at WonderCon 2013 and Wall at an Enter The Dragon movie premiere. Jim is a business minded man and Bob has a keen sense of humor. Both are nice guys.

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