Shanghai Knights - Kaiserbad/Spa No.1, Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is a beautiful spa town in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. Besides its mineral springs and the tasty liqueur "Becherovska", the town is also famous for its annually held film festival.
Because of its striking architecture, Karlovy Vary has been used as location for a number of film-shoots, including "Casino Royale" and "Hostel 2".
One of the most-photogenic buildings is the Kaiserbad (also known as Spa No.1), which has been declared a National Cultural Monument.
In "Shanghai Knights", it doubles as a period hotel with Jackie making good use of its revolving door.

The "CR" above the revolving door certainly stands for "Casino Royale".
The Kaiserbad was used in the film as the exterior and interior
of the titular casino.

Jackie taking a well-deserved bath in one of the ancient tubs.

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