Ma On Shan

The distinctively shaped Ma On Shan ("horse saddle mountain") stands among the ten highest mountains in Hong Kong. The striking characteristic of its northern face provided a wonderful scenic backdrop for some of Hong Kong Cinema's most renowned martial arts sequences. Numerous fight- and training-scenes with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Gordon Liu, Yasuaki Kurata, Jet Li and even Jean-Claude Van Damme (just to name a few) have been shot there. Finding the exact spots is difficult, because the area is quite spacious and large parts of it are private grounds and/or overgrown. In search for a matching camera angle, I decided to take my comparison photos at the Garden Farm Golf Centre.

The Spiritual Boxer (1975)

Drunken Master (1978)

Heroes of the East (1978)

The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979)

Monkey Kung Fu (1979)

The Kung-Fu Instructor (1979)

Dance of the Drunk Mantis (1979)

Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979)

The Prodigal Son (1981)

Kickboxer (1989)

Once Upon a Time in China (1991)

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993)

Some sequences don't feature Ma On Shan in full glory, but fortunately there are other mountain ridges that help to identify the location. 

Drunken Master (1978)

Knockabout (1979)

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