Golgo 13 - Béthanie

Completed in 1875, Béthanie was the first sanatorium to be built in Hong Kong. 100 years later, it served as a battleground for Japan's most dangerous man - Sonny Chiba.


  1. LOL Andi, this was my next film up. Nice one. I recently met Bill Lake who played Gaston during these scenes.

    1. haha nice phil. looking forward to it. a conversation with bill lake sounds promising...hope you'll be doing a post about the location of chiba's rockclimbing sequence...

    2. Bill is a really nice chap. He's an ex-soldier who came to HK in the late 60's. These days he is heavily involved as a local World War Two historian and is one of the go-to guys for the history of HK surrounding the battle of HK and subsequent Japanese occupation. Next time you are here we should go and talk to him about his films.

      The Chiba rock climbing sequence was most definitely done on Lion Rock ;-)